Gianluca Costantini

Visual Narratives: Journalism in Comic Form

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Reportage -L’Aquila 

Today, Graphic Journalism encompasses a variety of experiences, ranging from traditional print and web formats to impactful reportage, even embracing the more narrative forms of New Journalism, characterized by broad and captivating storytelling akin to novels. What unites all these productions is the desire to map out reality, revealing little-known or ignored aspects, and telling authentic truths through the powerful medium of drawing, with the intent to provoke a reaction. In the Mediterranean area, this form of graphic journalism, often narrative and denunciatory, has developed its own specific identity and diffusion. Through forms of self-production, pilot artistic projects, and real editorial teams spanning from Turkey to Lebanon, Egypt to Algeria, and up to the northern regions of the White Sea, as it is known in Arabic, the ways of practicing graphic journalism are diverse and varied.

Graphic Journalism has established itself as one of the most followed and appreciated strands of illustrated literature, with expressions ranging from print to the web and the classic “graphic novel” format published in newspapers. Even in Italy, more and more newspapers and publishers are drawing inspiration from American, French, and English examples, choosing to convey news and reportage through comics. Despite this variety of expressions, at the roots of graphic journalism remain the same rules, ethics, and stimuli of more traditional journalism: from the search for news to its verification, from the selection of sources to their in-depth analysis.

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