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If I must die, let it bring hope. Let it be a tale

“If I must die, let it bring hope. Let it be a tale.”

Refaat Alareer

I am truly excited about this mural that has been created in Atlanta by the Refaat Mobile Library group, especially because it all started from my portrait of Refaat Alareer. Thank you to Fiza Pirani for involving me. Refaat Mobile Library is a volunteer-run traveling library in Atlanta, created in honor of the martyred Palestinian poet and professor Refaat Alareer.

Most of their community volunteer work consists of bringing the library to solidarity events in the city—from art builds to teach-ins, to market fundraisers, and more—along with organizing backend tasks, various requests such as printing, book requests, and fundraising. Refaat Mobile Library is sending 100% of all proceeds donated to Refaat Mobile Library via Venmo and Cash App to Gaza Funds, a mutual aid project connecting people to crowdfunding campaigns for individuals and families in Gaza.

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