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Switch on. European Creative Capacity Building – International Workshop

Organised by Ravenna2019 in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy
Advisor: KEA European Affairs
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, Piazza Kennedy, Ravenna – Italy

As part of Ravenna’s candidacy to European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2019, the city is organising an international meeting to nurture its reflection about policies for culture and creative industries (CCIs) and local development. Around 100 participants will gather together in Ravenna to discuss, learn and exchange on creative industries and creative cities through different sessions combining theoretical knowledge and presentation of good practices, both at national and international level, with focus on medium sized cities.

To contribute to policy design, KEA has prepared a document aimed at informing this public debate. The document outlines a series of policy recommendations for discussion, taking stock of Ravenna’s main challenges (urban development/port, economic development/innovation, image and attractiveness) and the potential contribution that CCIs can provide the city with to improve attractiveness and stimulate growth.

Graphic Facilitation by Gianluca Costantini, local artist

Opening remarks and introductions by Marianna Panebarco, Creative Council Ravenna 2019


18 September

Afternoon/evening: arrival of participants

19 September

8.30-9.00: Registration of the local participants at the Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste

9.00-10.30: Welcome & Introduction

Welcome from Oudad Bakkali, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Massimo Cameliani, Deputy Mayor for Industry – Municipality of Ravenna

Introductory speech by the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy Michiel den Hond

Greetings from UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and MEP Silvia Costa, President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education

Philippe Kern, MD and founder of KEA – “Culture as a driver of innovation in cities”

Keynote – Caroline Bos, Dutch architect, Co-founder / Principal Urban Planner UNStudio (Amsterdam) – “Really Creative – connecting culture & commerce in the contemporary city”

10.45-12.15: panel I discussion on “Art & Culture for urban development in port cities”

This first panel is linked to Ravenna’s need to reconquer its former industrial area and the Darsena project – a potential milestone of the Ravenna2019 project and the city’s future development. How can CCIs contribute to develop Darsena as an attractive place for citizens and workers, (re-)connected to the city centre?

Moderator: Prof. Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator MAXXI-Architecture

Participants will contribute to the discussion by illustrating culture-led urban regeneration processes in port cities: Jean Rehders, Project Manager at Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (Germany) presenting the process put in place in Hamburg to transform the Oberhafen area, a former goods station, into a new creative district as part of Hamburg’s new emerging district HafenCity – Europe’s largest inner-city development project; Giorgio Pagano, former Mayor of La Spezia, strategic planning expert, speaking about the urban regeneration of waterfronts in Italian cities; and Johanna van Antwerpen, founder and former director of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM), will tell about the creative development of the Amsterdam-North district.

13.30-15.00: panel II discussion on “Art & Culture for economic growth and innovation”

This second panel is about Ravenna’s need to face the economic crisis and the decline of the traditional industry with a view to create the right ecosystem to attract creative professionals and develop a creative economy. Which tools/measures can support CCIs’ development as a tool of economic innovation and growth for cities?

Moderator: Fabrizio Binacchi, Director of Rai – Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A. – Emilia-Romagna Regional office

Panelists will bring their experience and knowledge about support measures and tools contributing to unleash CCIs’ economic and innovative potential. Walter Amerika, Head of the Market Department of the Design Academy Eindhoven will illustrate the academy’s role as part of the city’s ecosystem to support creative industries and foster innovation and competitiveness; Raul Oreškin, former director of the Tartu Centre of CCIs and current undersecretary for the arts at the Ministry of Culture, will intervene on the development of the Tartu Centre for CCIs (Estonia) as a tool to develop creative entrepreneurship and retain young people to the city; Jean-Christophe Levassor, Head of the Department for Culture – Lille Métropole, will speak about the Lille Metropole’s approach to creativity and the searched balance between arts and creativity policies and more recent strategies regarding the CIs; and Kirsi Kaunisharju, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Division for Art Policy of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture will tell about how Structural Funds (ESF) have been used to support creative entrepreneurship and skills in Finland.

15.30-17.30: Thematic study visits

20 September

9.00-9.30: Registration of the local participants at the Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste

9.30-11.00: panel III discussion on “Art & Culture for internationalisation and attractiveness”

This third panel is about Ravenna’s needs to open up to improve its international attractiveness. How can Ravenna fully exploit its potential (culture, crafts, creative talents, natural landscapes,…) to better attract and retain talents, businesses and investors as well as retain national and foreign visitors for longer periods?

Moderator: Edoardo Colombo, digital tourism expert, member of the TDLab-MiBact (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism)

Participants will present experiences on how culture has been integrated in local strategies to help cities improve their attractiveness potential, internationally. Michele Trimarchi, professor of Cultural Economics at the University of Bologna and independent consultant in CCIs, will speak about the role played by art and culture in city’s internationalisation strategies based on his academic knowledge and long standing expertise in the field of culture and local/regional development; Hansjürgen Schmölzer, Project Manager at the territorial marketing agency BSX (Graz – Austria) and previously responsible for Marketing Management of Graz 2003, will discuss about Graz’s strategy for tourism development and how the city built on the Graz 2003’s experience to go international; Josyane Franc, Head of international affairs Cité du design & Ecole Supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Etienne, will present St. Etienne’s design ecosystem and how this contributed to position the city as an attractive location at the heart of the new economy; and Dott. Giuseppe Salghetti Drioli, PR e Marketing Italia at BLS.Business Location Südtirol – Alto Adige will share its experience about actions put in place to transform Bolzano into an attractive location for innovative businesses and film production.

11.15-11.30 Cristina Loglio, President of the Technical Board “Creative Europe” of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism – “Culture and creativity as drivers for the Italian medium sized cities. A new policy”

11.30-11.45 Johanna van Antwerpen, Innovation manager Amsterdam Economic Board, Coordinator ECIA – “Create-Innovate-Grow! – A new policy agenda to maximize the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries”

11.45-12.15 Nadia Carboni, Project Manager Ravenna2019 and Valentina Montalto, KEA Project Manager – Conclusions & final remarks

Scribing / Graphic Facilitator