Gianluca Costantini
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Gonzalo Moure Trenor, Brahim Chagaf, Inés G. Aparicio – Leyuad


“Traveling is giving up something to find something new.”

Liman Boisha, a Saharaui poet living in Madrid, feels that he has turned “dry of the Sahara”, and travels to western Sahara to regain inspiration for his verses.

There, Hamida Abdullah, tells him about the trip they made together with the philosopher Belga Mohamed Salem and the poet and erudite Bonnana Busseid to Leyuad, in the heart of the Tiris, the ancestral Land of the Men of the Book, the génesis of the identity of the Saharaui people, a road shown to them by Badi Mohamed Salem, the greatest of living Saharaui poets.

Spain / Algeria / Fisahara