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Freedom for Hisham Kassem

Update as of 6 September 2023:
On 2 September 2023, the First Instance Economic Court decided to postpone the trial of the publisher and writer Hisham Kassem, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Free Current, to September 9, while he remains in custody. Hisham Kassem has been on a hunger strike since 22 August 2023.

25 August 2023

We, the undersigned, individuals, political parties and civil society organizations concerned with the future of public freedoms and political reform in Egypt while the country is approaching presidential elections, demand the immediate and unconditional release of prominent journalist, human rights defender and opposition politician Hisham Kassem, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Free Current Movement, who was unjustly imprisoned and will be tried on charges of insult and slander on September 2, 2023 before the Economic Misdemeanor Court, because of his courageous and public political stances against the repressive practices practiced by the authorities in Egypt. Continue


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