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Help Save Brandon Bernard

Help Get Brandon Off Death Row and stop his 12.10.20 execution date!

You can help change Brandon’s death sentence to life without parole by doing the following things:

  1. Reach out to the people below (click icon to tweet at them) and ask them to get involved in saving Brandon’s life by moving him off Death Row!
  2. Attach your name to the letter and click to send it to President Trump. The letter is asking our President to show us that he is the most compassionate President we’ve had, by saving Brandon and commuting Brandon’s sentence to life without parole
  3. If you prefer to draft your own letter and email it to him, you can send it to President Trump @ Make sure your subject line includes the name ‘Brandon Bernard’ and you mention that Brandon is on Federal Death Row.
  4. Call the Department of Justice and leave a message with this link.
  5. Tweet at President Trump @ realdonaldtrump asking that he save Brandon Bernard and put in your tweet

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