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A Once and Future Peace by Eric Daniel Metzgar

In Seattle, communities are working to break the cycle of incarceration. A promising new restorative justice program based on Indigenous peace-making circles aims to bring healing to families and communities while reforming the justice system. Using beautifully crafted animation, the film follows “Andy,” a teenager facing felony charges, and his family as they work through the program shepherded by Saroeum, a former gang leader. As they look at the status of the broken justice system – prosecutors, judges, and those running the program ask: how much is our society willing to invest to truly change the trajectory of our communities for the better?

“When a young person comes into court, their attorney rightfully says ‘Don’t talk, I’ll do all the talking for you.’ When you come into a peace-making circle and this talking stick is in the hands of a 16-year-old boy, and all of the adults and everyone else in the room is leaning in to hear what he has to say — that’s a powerful moment.” – Daniel T. Satterberg, film participant, A Once and Future Peace

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