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We Will not Forget you

Kurdish human rights officials urged women in Britain to build networks of solidarity today after the mysterious death of Garibe Gezer in a Turkish prison last week.

Speaking exclusively to the Morning Star, Lawyers for Freedom Association spokeswoman Jiyan Tosun called on trade unionists and progressives to support those resisting state misogyny in Turkey.

She holds prison guards and managers culpable after Ms Gezer allegedly committed suicide in Kocaeli High Security Prison.

Her death came while she was being held in solitary confinement after raising allegations of rape, systematic torture and sexual assault by prison guards.

Ms Gezer’s last letter took aim at Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, a Council of Europe treaty aimed at protecting women from gender-based violence.

“Our voices are only heard when we die,” she wrote as she detailed the abuse of women in prison. Continue

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