Gianluca Costantini
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Justice for Askhat Bgeshov

On January 6 at about 11:30 Askhat Bgeshov, born in 1985, was driving to a friend’s house on business. Askhat was driving himself, his friend Nariman and a relative were sitting next to him. As they passed the checkpoint, the military opened fire without warning.
This is what Askhat’s relatives reported: “Askhat was killed with a single shot to the head right in the car. There was no warning shot. The first shot was straight to the head by a sniper to the death. The other two were taken by the military, leaving Askhat’s corpse there.
The car was shelled from all sides. There were two friends in the car with Askhat; one is in a pre-trial detention facility in Taraz, 180 Tole Bi str.


Political Comics


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