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Judges Under Pressure by Kacper Lisowski

Democracy in Poland is hanging by a fragile thread. Facing arrest and fines if they issue rulings that are not to the government’s liking, judges join their fellow citizens and take to the streets. Since regaining power in 2015, the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS) has portrayed judges as elitist and incompetent at best, and as dissidents at worst.  Judges Under Pressure follows Judge Igor Tuleya, the face of the protest movement, as he works inside and outside the courtroom with his fellow judges—risking their freedom to defend the rights of citizens. With a soundtrack featuring Polish independent artists that expresses the urgency and far-reaching impact of the situation at every level of society—the film culminates in the biggest protest in Polish history, with both Polish citizens and lawmakers from across Europe taking a stand to keep Polish democracy from slipping towards authoritarianism. 

Poland / #HRWFFLDN

Political Comics


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