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Atlanta journalists hold vigil for journalists killed in Israel Hamas war

ATLANTA – Calls for another ceasefire in Gaza continued Saturday in Atlanta at Freedom Park where a vigil was held for journalists killed in the Israel-Hamas war.
The ceremony was organized by Atlanta-based journalists.
Imam Salah Wazir read the names of all 64 journalists killed in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, as confirmed by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“They gave their lives in the front lines and were caught in the crossfire,” Imam Wazir said.

While the event was not a Free Palestine rally, some speakers, like Imam Wazir, did call for a ceasefire at the event.

“In my Friday sermon I said, and I say it now publicly, ‘Two wrongs will not make it right. Three wrongs won’t make it right. War and counter-violence is being used as a solution to our problems. It won’t work,’” he said. Continue

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