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Human Rights Pavilion Cosmocafes 2022

You are cordially invited to join us for the 5th online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversation.
The conversation will take place on Wednesday 9 March 2022 at 11 am (CET) via zoom and will feature the following speakers:

➡ Koen Vanmechelen, Artist and initiator Human Rights Pavilion;
➡ Manfred Nowak, Global Campus Secretary General;
➡ Special guests from the previous editions of the Cosmocafes;
➡ Elisabetta Noli, Global Campus Administrative Director;
Live illustrations of Gianluca Costantini.

We live in difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is exacerbating human suffering, widening inequalities, and threatening people’s livelihoods. The UN Secretary General has described it as not just a health crisis but a human crisis that is fast becoming a human rights crisis. The pandemic is challenging societies at their very core. Moving people further apart, distancing conversations. To face the future in a spirit of hope, investing in the education of young generations, in creativity and in the continuous encounter with the other will be pivotal.In this effort, the Global Campus of Human Rights wishes to provide safe spaces where views on important topics for our sustainable future can be freely imagined and exchanged, crossed, fertilised, and experimented, in the encounter with the other.The Human Rights Pavilion and the Cosmocafes of artist Koen Vanmechelen offer such a platform. Organised together with the Global Campus of Human Rights, Fondazione Berengo and the MOUTH Foundation, they bring together Education, Art and Human Rights as critical driving forces in this particular moment. This is especially relevant in the city of Venice, which is inaugurating this year the 59th International Art Exhibition – Biennale Arte 2022 (“The Milk of Dreams”).Our next online conversation will focus on the past and future developments of the Human Rights Pavilion and Cosmocafes, which were inaugurated during the 58th Biennale of Venice in 2019 and will be reignited during the upcoming Biennale Arte 2022.

⏰ Register at…/1FAIpQLSdnpr2Qa5y5Vi…/viewform by Monday, 7 March at 4 pm (CET).This Conversation will also provide an occasion for partners, past Human Rights Pavilion contributors, our staff, professors, alumni and students to actively participate in the discussion about the future development and activities of the Human Rights Pavilion in the city of Venice, which hosts the Headquarters of the Global Campus of Human Rights at the Monastery of San Nicolò in the Lido of Venice.For more information about the 🌟 Human Rights Pavilion visit contact 📩

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