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Belarus With Ukraine

Today the Belarusians both living in Belarus and those who had to move to other countries after the 2020 events are being accused, hated and judged. For “allowing” Putin’s soldiers andRussian war machines to come through our territories and attack Ukraine. For keeping silent and not to support our Ukrainian friends, relatives and neighbors. 

As a result — tons of hatred are poured out on Belarusian people, bank accounts are blocked,there have been cases of damage to cars with Belarusian license plates, cars that carriedhumanitarian aid to Ukrainians and transported fugitives from the war! There were even casesof physical exposure only because the man was Belarusian. Czech Republic stopped all casesof visa edition and reviewing cases of temporary residence. The total number of examples ofvivid hatred towards the Belarusians fixed by our colleagues is more than 150 for today. 

You see, those who were chased by the Lukashenko regime yesterday became victims again today. 

With our campaign #BelarusWithUkraine we want to change this strange situation of misunderstanding and stop ugly Putin’s propaganda. People of Belarus and the Lukashenko regime are not the same. The Lukashenko regime is not Belarus. 

Belarus is together with Ukraine! Together — in our everyday good deeds. 

What Belarusians are already doing for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees:

  • Launching successful fundraising campaigns to help Ukrainians;
  • Help refugees from Ukraine seek and find warm temporary homes in Poland, Germany;
  • Many Belarusians stay in Ukraine and help refugees there: give safe places to spend the night, find contacts with volunteers, 
  • In the conditions of repressions, thousands of anti-war protests and single pickets are held all over Belarus. The number of detainees by the regime these days is approaching1,000.
  • Belarusian volunteers go to the front and enlist in the territorial defense. The Belarusian troop is formed. 
  • Waging a rail war and cyber attacks that stop the movement of military equipment on theBelarusian railway.
  • Belarusian bands and singers one by one cancel concerts in Russia and film anti-warappeals;
  • Belarusian volunteers collect, update and present in convenient form all the necessary the information for war victims in order they could easily find help and support;
  • Many Belarusian doctors are in Ukraine now helping people, and many of those living indifferent countries provide free consultations – including psychological via special platform.

And the list of good things Belarusians do for Ukraine grows every day, every hour. But this voice of kindness, tenderness and willingness to come to the rescue is lost in the waves of accusations and hatred. 

We start the information campaign #BelarusWithUkraine as want these and many other good deeds to be brightly seen, not get lost in hatred and aggression. 

It would be nice if you help us reach your audiences. With warm people’s stories. Stories of people’s kindness, mutual support, willingness to help and not to leave a friend, neighbor in need. 

If there is a need we can provide you with all the necessary information about the particular hatred cases. 

The campaign initiators: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s Office, the Belarusian Council forCulture, the Center for Belarusian Solidarity, Tutaka Foundation, NAM, the Christian Vision,Honest People. 

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