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Demand Venice Biennale to Include Palestinian Artists Collateral Event in Biennale Arte 24

My name is Faisal Saleh, a Palestinian from a refugee family expelled from its village in 1948. As the founder and executive director of the Palestine Museum US, I am personally invested in ensuring that the voices of Palestinians are heard on international platforms. Recently, the Venice Biennale rejected our proposal for a Collateral Event exhibit featuring 23 Palestinian artists (including some from Gaza) and their 25 works of art for the upcoming Biennale Arte 2024. This exhibit titled ‘Foreigners in Their Homeland’ was intended to shed light on life under occupation.

This decision by one of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions not only silences these artists but also perpetuates a single narrative about Israel-Palestine relations. The exclusion of Palestinian voices contributes to an incomplete picture that undermines efforts towards understanding and peace.

We urge world artists and supporters of artistic freedom to join us in calling upon Venice Biennale to reconsider their decision. Let us ensure that all narratives are represented fairly at this global event – including those from Palestine – so we can foster dialogue through art rather than stifling it.

Please sign this petition urging Venice Biennale to include ‘Foreigners in Their Homeland’ exhibition at their upcoming event. Sign

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